Discworld long play

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00:00:00 Intro + Act1: Let's make a dragon detector
02:05:40 Act 2: Let's steal the six golden things from the brotherhood
03:57:46 Act 3 : Turn Rincewind into a hero
06:12:20 Act 4 : Let's kick the dragon's butt

Professor Archimedes de Quincey

Rincewind: "Excuse me, I seem to be in the wrong conversation."
Troll: "WIBBLE!"
You're not wrong, Rincewind.

Katy Baerdy

The voice of Rincewind changes 😂


52:25 - 55:21 i love that part lol.

Some Dude

This game is so silly.


This is all your fault you know, now they got me on Therapy! 😂😂

Pandacat 666

"that doesnt work"


"I'll wear this around my neck. I won't lose it."

Shanti Shanti

I got so stuck at one point with this game it made me so angry I sold all my games and consoles... Makes me smile when I se this though.. aaahhh good old memories


That Doesn't work!