Monkey island 1 long play

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Check this out! 45:08 It`s George Lucas :)

Brok Homz

This game doesn’t take itself seriously 🤣😂

Michael C

Ehhh...I always chose the argumentative response...guess thats why i never got farther than the bar

Meadow Olsen

King of adventure games👍
I'll never forget this game forever ❤


I don't understand the point of bringing the 3 other crewmates from the first chapter with you. They're completely useless.


An amazing game. Great sense of humour!


MONKEYS! Oh yes, lots of em' too many in fact! Fun for all the family.

Tomáš Valůšek

I like this governor more

Matthew Boggs

Does ever talk to the LOOM Pirate in the Scumm bar?

Gray Shifu

This was just the best game. We discussed the puzzles in high school lessons, brings back memories! Ace!