Pokemon blue long play

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Davion Blackburn

4:32 1st Rival Battle Gary
14:40 2nd Rival Battle Gary
27:30 Gym Leader Brock
49:43 3rd Rival Battle Gary
1:27:16 Gym Leader Misty
1:53:04 4th Rival Battle Gary
2:04:42 Gym Leader Lt. Surge
2:56:43 1st Boss Battle Giovanni
3:21:07 Gym Leader Erika
3:26:22 5th Rival Battle Gary
4:35:37 Gym Leader Koga
4:52:28 6th Rival Battle Gary
4:57:49 2nd Boss Battle Giovanni
5:05:08 Gym Leader Sabrina
5:25:27 Gym Leader Blaine
5:34:21 Gym Leader Giovanni
5:41:19 7th Rival Battle Gary
5:57:19 Elite Four Lorelei
6:01:52 Elite Four Bruno
6:04:17 Elite Four Agatha
6:10:07 Elite Four Lance
6:14:32 Champion Gary

zero the ninja

The one that started it all


You didn't name your rival ASSFART ... I am disappointed

P Ferreira

Gotta catch'em all...all 9000 of them!


I choose Bulbasour can I get a refund or store credit?


My favourite pokemon was Voltrobe/Electrode made me lose every battle what with self-distruct.


Voltrobe to other Voltrobes: We will all master the move self-distruct
Other Voltrobe's think: genius Voltorbe, genius.


Other pokemon's when batteling Mew 2: dang it.


I would like to be Abra, sleep and teleport.


Hey prof Oak give me better starting pokemon options if you want me to help you complete your life goals.