Prince of persia long play

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Let me tell you, this prince doesn't skip any drinks. Even the poisoned ones.

Alejandro Barragán Contreras

11:47 laughed my ass out in that part 🤣


This game taught us not to drink random potions without labels . = )

Luiz Xatruch

you'd imagine that Jaffar with all his infinite powers would have better life goals than to marry some hot princess but nooooo... after all men will always be men

Palace Of Wisdom

Imagine being a guard of one of the lower levels. Your shift ends, and now you have to spend over half an hour avoiding death traps and replacing fallen floor panels before you can finally go home.


All this for 1 hug :(, love is really blind.

Master Chef

Does he know That u cant actually walk in this game?

joshua moskovitz

Sultan: Architect! Build me a palace.
Architect: any special features?
Sultan: yes. No stairs. Lazy ass guards need exercise.
Architecht: WTF? Ok. What floors would you like?
Sultan: A mix of nice and dungeon. Oh. And make sure there are lots of loose floorboards that can fall into the abyss. I like to surprise my guests.
Architect: ??? Wha? Ok. And doors?
Sultan: Dungeon style. Metal bars. Lots and lots of metal bar doors.
Architect: sure... Doesn't sound insane at all...

Van Damme

I used to play this while eating JAFFAR cakes.

Vahan Nisanian

Those are some very realistic drinking sounds for a 1990 PC game.