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Chess H5: Talking chess app with voice control

Chess H5 is a talking chess app that comes with voice control features, it includes the powerful Stockfish15.1 chess engine which provides grand master level game play and cunning. Play against the best to learn and improve. Monitor your stats and use your voice to control the chess pieces. Play online with your friends even if they don't have the app (because they have an iPhone) just share the link to the web version of the app. Link here

Chess H5 App features

Chess H5 features Discription
Talking chess game: If enabled announces moves and game state.
Voice control: You can play your moves by using only your voice. Using long algebraic notation, for example you could say 'C2 to C3' to move a chess piece from the C2 square to the C3 square. The app also allows for the letters in the algebraic notation to be replaced by words starting with the same letter so 'cat 2 to cat 3' is also acceptiable and you can even say the number first '2 cats 3 cats' this will also map to 'C2 to C3'.
Powerful Stockfish 15.1 AI Play against the computer and face grand master level game play. Difficulty level can be changed throughout the game as well as computer think time.
Save games: You can save a game at any point and then come back to it or you can watch a replay of the game.
Player stats: Records stats on how many wins, losses and drawers you have against the computer.
Buy items/features: You can buy items & features from the 'buy items' section of the app to get even more stuff and features to improve game-play.
Online multiplayer: This app also includes a multiplayer game option which allows you to play against chess players from all across the world.